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Looking to expand your scholastic horizon in a flexible and cost-effective way? YoCoach, an effective online learning platform is here to help you! By leveraging an online video chat option, it ensures a successful collaboration between the learners and the teachers. As numerous courses are available on the portal, a learner can book a specific course by searching for a respective teacher, selecting the preferred time slot, and making payment for the scheduled lesson. Likewise, before delivering a lesson, a teacher needs to register and create a public teaching profile with their experience on the website. The website is controlled by the administrator who gets a commission from every lesson booking.

With the use of functional tools like Whiteboard, Workspace, TextPad, and Chatbox, YoCoach aims at simulating the real-life learning environment for teachers and learners on the website.a

* Business model for online learning platform is discussed above

“The online language learning market size will grow by almost USD 17.9 billion during 2019-2023”

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A Look Inside the Features of eLearning and Consultation Platform

Geo Location

Leverage Geolocation API to automatically detect the location of the user visiting the website. This helps in providing more personalized content to the users as the currency and the language will be auto-selected based on their specific location.


It showcases the content in multiple languages that enable users to easily achieve their learning objectives. With the help of a dropdown, a user can manually select the preferred language. However, the user added content (profile description, review, ratings, etc.) will be displayed in the original language and will not be translated


It comes with a multi-currency feature that enables the users to manually change the currency as per their preference. While the prices will be displayed to users in their selected currency, the final payment at the gateway gets automatically converted and accepted in USD. The administrator is responsible for managing the exchange rates for currencies.

Reviews and Ratings

Want to help learners unveil their personal experience about a particular course or a teacher? Now you can let new users gain insights into a lesson before making a purchase. With YoCoach, learners can submit reviews and ratings for the course and the teachers after the successful completion of a course. However, the review and ratings of a teacher will be reflected in their respective profiles only after the admin’s approval.

Gift Cards

Enable your users to gift something unique to their friends. There’s nothing that can match a gift of eLearning! With YoCoach, users can buy gift cards to share with their friends and acquaintances. All the gift cards can be redeemed on the website while making the payments for lessons. A gift card can be redeemed only once.

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With the ease of transactions, users are likely to make more purchases from your website which can help you accomplish your ROI goals. Being the primary component, our payment gateways offer hassle-free transactions that guarantee your customers about the trustworthiness of your website. Here are some of our payment gateways available with the platform:

Payment Gateways

Payment Flow

Once payment is made by the learner, it will be directly sent to the portal payment account and virtual credits will be sent to the teacher’s online wallet after the successful delivery of the lesson (with portal commission deduction). A teacher can withdraw the money by submitting a withdrawal request to the administrator. Once the request is received, the admin can transfer the money to the teacher’s bank/PayPal account of the site manually.

A Look Inside the Features of eLearning and Consultation Platform

This section entails an overall representation of the administrative functions that YoCoach offers. As the admin possesses various functionalities to control the entire site from the backend, YoCoach ensures optimum management of processes from a single place. Some of the key functionalities include:

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Build an Online Language Learning Portal with our Unique Solution YoCoach

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